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branding • digital • experience • photography

*Collaborative project with Kylie Dressman, Megan Snelten, & Lizzie Hurley at Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, Florence, Italy


After a long day of long hikes and challenging adventures, campers are ready for a fresh, delicious, and hearty meal. Instead of disrupting their experiences of the natural world to go to restaurants or grocery stores for ingredients, Billycan will allow campers to stay outside and conveniently purchase ingredients from an airstream trailer located at the campgrounds.


A “billy can” is a lightweight pot used to cook food or boil water over a campfire. Based on the concept of easy, one-pot recipes, friends and family can gather around a campfire for an outdoor culinary experience without the hastle of the grocery store frenzy. Billycan will package raw ingredients and the necessary utensils for cooking one-pot recipes for customers. 


The Billycan brand is focused primarily on the user and their experience in the outdoors. Bright, plaid patterns give a fresh and authentic identity to the typical camping blankets, and playful typography elevates the excitement of adventure and outdoor fun. The packaging is informative and organized and the message of the brand is clever and funny. 

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