LEAVE NO TRACE (Student Project)

branding • digital • experience • photography


The passionate outdoor enthusiasts at the Leave No Trace headquarters and their advocates across the country speak a strong message of protecting the world’s wildlands through education, stewardship, and research. A more streamlined and recognizable visual identity for the brand would attract a larger viewership and benefit the Leave No Trace organization.  How can we create an image for the Center for Outdoor Ethics that will reach audiences of all ages?


In order to reflect the rugged beauty of nature, the new Leave No Trace visuals were created with unrefined patterns and typography. Colors were selected directly from greens and reds found in natural settings and each illustrated item and custom font character was made from cut paper. The designs are hand-made, and complimented by refined elements such as professional fonts and inspirational photography. Young and old audiences alike can relate to the friendly, yet elegant look and feel of the brand.