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Memento Vivire is the story of my four and a half months of travel and study in Europe during the spring of 2016. The journal is themed around the words Memento Vivire, meaning “moment to live” in Italian. I saw these words engraved on a stone sign along a road while driving to the top of a mountain in the Dolomites in northern Italy. During each day and new adventure, I made it my goal to cherish every single moment to live. 


Through beautiful photography, thoughtful storytelling, clean page layouts, and careful craft, Memento Vivire is a story which came straight from my heart. The experiences described are genuine and the photography is just a glimpse of the reality that I was lucky enough to experience. I created an elegant, french-folded book filled with stories of the people we met and the experiences we encountered. The goal of this journal is to inspire others to take journeys and to see the value in living every moment. 

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